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July 29, 2010


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Arianna Gibson

Thanks Mike. I couln't agree more.


Having left the gym environment 3 years ago where I saw many examples of unsafe "functional" training beacuse the trainer was following a trend or pushing a client to do heavy loads with an exercise that they were not ready to do or capable of, and just watching people on their own do things on foam rollers, balls, balance pads, etc..it was watching a accident ready to happen, and sadly, this is still going on. Wonderful article.


Mike, I think we need people like you out there. I am relatively new to this world but I want to enter it with an open mind. Yet it is easy to read articles, books that close the mind.
"Functional" depends on the" Function" and the function of one muscle in a particular exercise may not be obvious to the neophytes.
We, neophytes just enter the world and start practicing, prescribing because we have attended a two days training course. But it takes more than that to become proficient. As you stated, It takes an understanding of kinesiology, biomechanics etc to train well.
The deadlift is such a simple yet complicated movement.
Please keep the posting coming and We will devour them!!!

Thanks Dr Mike!!!!!

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